Community Vision

Hubbard Farms is a tightly knit urban-residential community that values its history and seeks to preserve its cultural identity, while looking forward into the future.



  1. To establish and promote a spirit of community, brotherhood, and sisterhood with pride in our neighborhood by working as a group and with other community groups like ours toward common goals: quality of life, safety, health, and having input as to the direction for our community. To educate and assist individuals interested in rehabilitation, revitalization and restoration of homes and rental buildings in our neighborhood. We will create, modify, update, utilize, and respectfully manage communication technology systems to help us effectively disseminate, educate, and share information to neighborhood residents. Further we seek, wherever possible of accomplishing our goals we recognize that loyalty is due to the people already living in the neighborhood. We will try to take actions that will encourage the current residents to stay. Specifically, we want to preserve along with our historic houses and rental buildings, the multi-ethnic and multi-economic makeup of the neighborhood.
  2. Our goals also include restoration and preservation of historic buildings; dissemination of information concerning such historic matters; and to exist as a nonprofit corporation under the provision of the laws of the State of Michigan, covering such corporations, and not for financial profit.
  3. To solicit and receive grants, contributions, and other property, to enter into contracts, to engage needed personnel and services, and to transfer, hold and invest such real property as may be required to carry out the purposes of this corporation.