Potential Neighborhood Developments

Hubbard Farms (HF) is a beautiful, diverse and livable community that is becoming more sought after for potential future investments and development. The Hubbard Farms Neighborhood Association has a strong desire to make sure the culture that lives in HF is preserved  and is sustained when and if there are any new developments or renovations in the neighborhood.

HFNA has formed a Develop Oversight Committee (DOC) that consists of HFNA board members who host meetings to discuss and brainstorm about potential future projects in the neighborhood with intentions to find a development model through community engagement that reflects the needs and interests of all residents in the neighborhood. The DOC has been engaging with prospective developers in preparation to engage the community.

Two key up-and-coming developments in the neighborhood are:

1/ Renovation of the Murray Building into residential on Porter between Scotten and Hubbard (Invest Detroit)

2/ Renovation of the Broderick Building into residential (and potentially commercial/community space) on Vinewood at the corner of Shady Lane. (SER Metro-Detroit/Shelborne Development)